Are you an innovator? Make Innoparc Lévis your playground!

Innoparc Lévis welcomes start-ups and active companies specializing in the following niches (not a complete list):

and health food

and composites

and automation

Energy efficiency
(linked to intelligent green construction)

Companies falling in one of the following categories, depending on their type of activities, can locate in the Innoparc Lévis:

These establishments devote the major part of their activities to R&D (basic or applied research, or related to development).

Some examples: governmental, para-governmental and private research centres, research consortia, R&D labs, university research and technology transfer teams, prototype development centres.

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Companies that manufacture products or offer services, and carry out a significant amount of R&D activities. These companies are characterized by a major research and development function (either internal or external), with innovations that are industrial or commercial applications of a discovery or invention. The high-tech, innovative characteristic must be in the product or service itself, not only, for instance, in the manufacturing methods used.

Manufacturing activities

Low-volume manufacturing is preferred to reduce issues related to storage and transport. Certain high-volume production companies that use very advanced technologies may also be considered. Polluting activities are definitely not acceptable.

Service companies

Companies offering intangible products (know-how, expertise, technologies, processes, etc.), in particular, consultants and engineering firms, as well as software design and development companies. Such companies necessarily carry out substantial R&D activities.

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Companies offering technical support to organizations in the high-tech sector, without necessarily carrying out R&D themselves

Some examples: organizations and associations offering services related to technology, industrial design firms, patent and technology transfer specialist companies, consultancies focussing on technical fields, analysis and verification laboratories.

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These services include any company meeting the needs of organizations located in Innoparc Lévis or their employees. Such services are not necessarily related to the high-tech sector and their activities do not include R&D.

Some examples: administrative, real estate, financial and insurance services; professional services in the fields of engineering, environment, law and human resources; business services and technical services related to photocopying, reproductions, digital printing, couriers, training, advertising, marketing, cartography, geomantic, translation, secretarial, placement agencies, IT.

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Entreprises implantées

Feel free to contact us for all details about eligibility criteria and other information on Innoparc Lévis:

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