Develop your company in Lévis!

Innoparc Levis is a technology and science park that aims to bring together in a single place innovative companies looking for an inspiring and attractive site that promotes collaboration and synergy with the actors of innovation.

Are you interested in renting space, becoming an owner occupant or investing in the construction of a multi-tenant building? 23 lots, ranging in size from 52,650 sq. ft. to 140,000 sq. ft., are ready for you—at very interesting prices!

Unbeatable advantages:

  • Exceptional visibility along Highway 20;
  • Support from the Innoparc Network leading to valuable partnerships;
  • High quality work environment and life spaces;
  • Easily accessible by bus, on foot and bicycle;
  • Less than 30 minutes from Jean-Lesage Airport and the Port of Québec;
  • Part of a major institutional and commercial hub;
  • Bordered by a residential district and an immense urban park;
  • Competitive sales price: $4 per square foot1.

1Prices may change without prior notice

Incomparable quality of working life:
  • Designed according to sustainable development and sustainable mobility principles;
  • High-quality environment in terms of both architecture and landscaping (design guidelines);
  • Bicycle/pedestrian paths throughout the site;
  • Adjacent to Valéro Les Écarts Park, a forest covering more than 7 million square feet, accessible throughout the year, with pedestrian and bicycle paths.

10 good reasons to invest in Lévis :

  1. Sustained economic growth
    Quebec Champion for cities of 100,000 or more
  2. Unique quality of life
    Champion among the 10 largest cities in Quebec
  3. Strategic location
    Easy access to markets in Quebec City, the United States, the Maritimes and Ontario
  4. Great industrial diversity
    Manufacturing industry very active in the following sectors: food processing, metal fabrication, transport equipment, robotics, petrochemistry and plastics and electronics
  5. World-class infrastructure
    Effective inter modal platform for road and rail transport on the territory and naval and air nearby
  6. Low operating costs
    Tax rates, construction, rental and electricity costs and wages among the most competitive in the country
  7. Support to innovation
    Excellent synergy between Lévis companies and the many research and technology transfer centers in the Quebec City metropolitan area
  8. Available land and premises
    14 areas and industrial parks totaling more than 2.6 M square feet (243,365 m2) of available land.
  9. Support for business projects
    Presence of a strong ecosystem and a dynamic business community and availability of funding from Développement Économique Lévis
  10. Qualified and available workforce
    University, college and professional education institutions present in large numbers in Lévis and the Quebec City metropolitan area

Innoparc Network

Innoparc Network member organizations offer ways to support R&D, technology transfer and marketing optimization :

  • AG-Bio Centre: biotechnology company incubator, which offers consulting services, allowing companies to complete their initial marketing activities, accelerate their development and reduce their risk of failure.
  • Centre de Robotique et de Vision Industrielles (CRVI): technology transfer centre which helps companies needing support, expertise and technical services for innovation, diagnosis, technology transfer and development in the fields of robotics, industrial vision, automation, computer integrated manufacturing and industrial computing.
  • Développement PME Chaudière-Appalaches: helps the technological development of small- and medium-sized companies, supports companies with exporting (strategies for marketing and market diversification), facilitates business development (implementation of business best practices).
  • Québec International: offers a complete range of services to help companies in the Québec City metropolitan region gain a competitive position in international markets.
  • TransBIOTech: technology transfer centre where high-level scientific staff guide companies in agro-food, biomedical and environmental biotechnology sectors to market their know-how.
  • City of Lévis: helps promoters and companies in investment projects, offering them support adapted to their needs.